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Helen Moore created Equorum Horses in 2007.

Each Horse is designed and created from an original sculpture which was sculpted in latex by Helen Moore. This is a unique talent as many may pour liquid latex into moulds , however Helen has mastered a way of actually sculpting from scratch using this unforgiving medium.

The result being a very tactile model horse which oozes character.  Every horse is made by hand and as such, each one is always a little different even if you dont opt for any sculptural adjustments.

You can create your ideal horse or even have your real horse imortilised as a latex sculpture.

Every month we have a new "Load the Lorry" where Helen creates a selection of horses which are ready for immediate delivery. Everyone on the subscribers list will be notified and given advanced warning of the Load the lorry horses coming up , so be sure to subscribe on the home page so you dont miss out.

Equorum TB 1.jpg


This is what some of the collectors say about Equorum


" ......I bought my first Equorum five years ago, and since then I have been hooked! The individuality of each model is what makes them so unique, and being able to specify the exact position and colours that you want for a model means that any horse can be brought to life as an Equorum. Helen has an incredibly keen eye for detail, which is what allows the models to appear so realistic, and she is always happy to help with any touch-ups that may be required. I would strongly recommend Equorum to any model horse enthusiast, although be prepared to become addicted! "

                                                       Andrea Johnson

" .......I've been collecting Equorums for many years & have a big collection, they are absolutely gorgeous & have a character all of their own, Helen is fabulous to deal with & goes out of her way to produce the model you want"

                                                             Chris Davitt




"...........Equorum Model Horses and Ponies are truly individual Works of Art, making them highly collectible with each one having it's own unique character, .

A choice of breeds and a wide range of colours and markings, means you can create the horse of your dreams. 

I have had great fun & success showing my models at 'Live' shows around the UK, but if you don't show you will get just as much fun from collecting a herd of these lovable ponies."

                                         Marion Randles

".............In the autumn of 2015, during the course of a Google search for UK based model horse artistry, I came across the Equorum website.


My first purchase was a stunning (and I mean this in every sense of the word) gloriously rich chestnut, trotting hackney, with a flowing titian

mane. I have to tell you - the photos didnt do him justice. 


I can still remember the day the parcel came, unwrapping and the breathtaking moment I set my eyes on him. For Helen doesnt simply 'model' static horses. 

There's no cold, sculpted, plastic tails and glassy eyes here. 


Out of her virtual stud come the most tactile and incredibly 'alive' equines - that can't fail to delight any horse or pony lover - of any age. 

Besides her 'load the lorry' regular events she can (and with uncanny ability!) create the most equisite horses to your entire specifications, fit for 

any show ring and/or to fulfill your own personal, model dream horse, down to every last detail.


Owning an Equorum is a total joy from word go and will remain so, I am sure, for many treasured years to come."

                                                     Diane Bentley

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