Selling most of my horses...

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Selling most of my horses...

Postby vicmelhorse on Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:56 am

This is just a heads-up to let you all know that I am getting ready to sell most of my collection. Not all... just most. I got three new Arabs last night, totally stunners by the way Helen...and when I went to put them in the cabinet, there was no room. All the new horses are getting so big, I have to sort of put them sideways, and they won't all go. So, I started picking out some that I might sell. Well, when I started, I thought this is really stupid. I'm almost 68 years old and here I am with a cabinet full of latex horses. So I decided to sell most of them. I will always have favorites that I won't sell, and I will always buy more. Can't help it. But for now, I am selling. I will spend today taking pictures and packing and listing on MH$P. I will have both first class and insured postage listed. And, I will work with you on shipping as much as I can. I will combine. If I have anything that you want that you know of, email me at If I have bought something from you and you would like it back, let me know. And please know that I did not buy to resell. I just have to do this now. While I'm in the mood and disgusted with myself. LOL! My MH$P sellers name is Melodie Dowell or vicmelhorse. Just give me some time to list and then do a search. Thanks so much!
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