About Us

Equorum is the brainchild of Helen Moore, an fine art artist, who has grown up with horses and has perfected her craft in capturing them on canvas and in sculpture.  Helen began her career drawing fine art horse portraits and she still takes commissions today to immortalise that special horse or pony in your life.

Back to Equorum models, as far as she knows, Helen is the only artist that sculpts in the medium of latex.  Many may pour into moulds but she has painstakingly mastered the art of sculpting this very difficult medium from scratch to create some of the most stunning horse sculptures with the biggest character.

Each Equorum starts out as an original sculpture that is then used to create a mould.  However, every horse or pony that comes out of any of the moulds is still unique as it will always need perfecting, which gives each horse or pony its very own personality.

If you want to own a one of a kind (OOAK) Equorum that shows off the exquisite detail that comes with original sculpting you can make a special order that will truly be one of a kind.

Check out Load the Lorry for the horses and ponies Helen currently has in stock.  For a special or OOAK Equorum or original horse/pony portrait contact Helen.